24 November 2021

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75th World Congress of Homeopathy
 75th World Congress of Homeopathy



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    24 November 2021 - 28 November 2021

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    Mon, Jan 25 2021, 12pm

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    08 March 2021

    Dear Colleagues and Friends;

    It is an honor and a pleasure for me to welcome you to the 75th World Congress of Homeopathy which will be held on November 24 - 27, 2021.

    Anatolia has been the cradle of several ancient civilizations. The collective consciousness of the area has given birth to many discoveries, innovations, and new medical practices by such brilliant thinkers and philosophers as Avicenna, Pedanius Dioscorides, Claudius Galen, Ibnu'l-Baytar, and Hippocrates. Pergamum, birthplace to Galen and the practice of medicine, was its center of and bridged the transfer of knowledge from East to West.

    Our congress will be held in this ancient land where knowledge breathes from the soil and flows through the air. Hahnemann’s Homeopathic principles will be the central theme of the congress. If the roots of a tree are strong, the body and branches which lead to the sky, as well as the fruits, will be powerful, healthy, and nurturing. Not forgetting our roots and the historical inheritance delivered from Hahnemann, we design this congress to be the bridge to the other trends and branches that come out of the center.

    We hope this congress maybe the soil where we can discuss all the approaches which come from Hahnemann until today and learn how to preserve and sustain our valuable fruits – which include providing health through the "quick and soft way".

    Turkey's unique hospitality will welcome you all in Istanbul, the shelter of historical treasure, cultural inheritance, and natural beauty, nesting in the country where Asia and Europe unite.

    Dr. Altunay Ağaoğlu
    President of the Congress
    President of the Classical Homeopathy Association

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    İstanbul / TURKEY

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    E-mail: secretariatatlmhi2021.com




    Detailed Information


    Advanced pathology in hospital-based practice where cases of heart, kidney, neurology, and cancer will be discussed with detailed methodology

    Workshop Coordinator: Dr. Farokh Master

    Hospital practice is totally different than the practice in a consulting room. In the hospital, we see patients with advanced pathology in an acute way. Clinical observation co-relating the pathology of the patient with the materia medica is the key to success. Different pathological illnesses will be discussed showing the methodology, language of repertory, and materia medica of acute remedies.



    Case Analysis and Cases Management of Patients with Cancer

    Workshop Coordinator: Dr. Andre Saine

    Cancer has reached an epidemic level to the point that with the latest estimates half of the people will hear in their lifetime, “You have cancer,” while only a decade ago it was 1 in 3 persons. Cancer is now the primary cause of death in many countries, now exceeding heart disease.

    Homeopathy has a long record of successfully treating patients with cancer. However, the homeopathic treatment of the cancer patient requires for obtaining predictable favorable results in a methodological approach based on clear principles.

    As homeopathy offers a most effective approach to treat patients with cancer, in fact, likely one of the most effective, it is our duty to master this art and make it available to the public.

    In this one-day workshop, Dr. Andre Saine will review how to treat cancer patients with genuine homeopathy, including differential materia medica, posology, how to use the laboratory to know if the treatment is effective, the management of cases with advanced cancer, local applications, and how to use the remedy to increase their efficacy.

    By increasing our expertise to treat cancer patients with homeopathy, we improve our skills to treat all other patients presenting with difficult conditions.