ESA 2021

31 August 2021

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15th Conference of the European Sociological Association
15th Conference of the European Sociological Association



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    31 August 2021 - 04 September 2021

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    Mon, Mar 1 2021, 11:23pm

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    10 May 2021

    15th ESA Conference, 31 August - 3 September 2021 to be held in Barcelona / Spain

    Every other year since 1992, the European Sociological Association organizes a big conference in different European countries. From 31 August to 3 September 2021, 3000 participants from all over the world are expected to come to Barcelona, Spain for the 15th ESA Conference dealing with "Sociological Knowledges for Alternative Futures".

    The ESA 2021 Conference will take place either with the full physical co-presence of all attendees, or wholly online, or in some hybrid model combining these two possibilities. We hope to see you in Barcelona!


    Good news!! Delegates will be able to participate online or on-site, in Barcelona

    Amid the third wave of this pandemic, while all citizens we are expectant of how the situation will evolve in the next months, we are also excited to see how sociologists across Europe have not stopped making relevant contributions to our academic institutions, research projects, and society, moving the European sociology forward, and alongside the ESA. 

    Based on the registration data this far and the excellent work that is being done by the LOC, the Executive Committee has decided that the 15th ESA conference will be celebrated in a hybrid mode, which means that all delegates will have the possibility to participate in the conference either online from their homelands or on-site in Barcelona, following all the sanitary measures of the moment. The LOC is doing a great job in offering beautiful spaces in the city center, streaming for all plenaries and semi-plenaries, and an affordable way for ESA to guarantee both online and on-site participation. Furthermore, ESA Conference and Finance Committees have worked intensively to provide the diverse possibilities and flexibility that RN Chairs asked for due to uncertainty.  

    For 2021, ESA proposes a fee structure that will allow delegates to have time to decide if they want to travel to Barcelona until June 10th. Furthermore, the conference fee has been reduced to the one ESA had in Athens, aware of the economic consequences of this pandemic for many delegates. The finance committee is doing a great job, with a clear commitment towards transparency and all details will be presented at the Conference Assembly. 

    We are very happy to share this good news with you, and we will continue working towards the success of the ESA2021BCN conference!

    Marta Soler

    President of ESA

    Event contact

    Detailed Information

    The ESA is happy to announce that the Call for Papers for the 15th ESA Conference, 31 Aug - 3 Sep 2021 in Barcelona, is ONLINE!

    View here the Call for Papers (PDF, 99 pages).

    You can choose to submit an abstract to either one of the 2 listed Semi-Plenaries, 37 Research Networks, 54 Joint Sessions organized by at least two RNs, 19 Research Streams, or the Ph.D. Summer School. You can find all necessary information in the document as well as here, on the conference website. The deadline for abstract submission is on 15th February 2021.