IWA Regional Symposium on water, wastewater and environment


Mar 22 2017 to Mar 24 2017


The purpose of the symposium is to highlight water as a source of life and to stress the need for water cooperation between all actors in society to protect its value and exchange ideas between academia and industry on various forms of water cooperation that are fundamental to water use and water management. Also to  Identify good practices for water cooperation and demonstrate its merits for poverty eradication, economic development, environmental sustainability and peace.
The main topics to be covered by the IWA Regional Symposiumon water, wastewater and environment are summarized as follows:
Theme A   Water Resources 
Theme B   Water History & Climate Change
Theme C   Wastewater & Environment
Theme D   Ancient Water Systems
Theme E   Hydrology and Hydrogeology
Theme F   Modeling and Simulation
Theme G  Treatment Technology 
Theme H   Environmental Issues
Theme I    Ecotoxicology and Health Risks