International Congress on Economics, Finance and Energy


Apr 16 2018 to Apr 18 2018


- Competition and Regulation in Financial Markets
- Linkage between Financial and Real Sectors: Quo Vadis?
- International Transmission of Business Cycle in Emerging Market Economies
- Banks and Financial Markets in Times of Uncertainty
- Emerging countries’ Economic and Financial Vulnerabilities
- Liquidity and Liquidity Risk in Emerging Markets
- Law and Finance in the Emerging Market Finance Setting
- Financial Development and Business Cycle in Central Asian Countries
- Shadow Banking: Financial Intermediation beyond Banks
- New Challenges in Central Banking: Monetary Policy Governance and Macroprudential Issues
- The Interplay between Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy
- Using Finance as a Vital Tool to Address Major Social Challenges
- Getting a Grip on Liquidity: Markets, Institutions, and Central Banks
- Tuning Financial Regulation for Stability and Efficiency
- Investor Protection in Capital Markets
- Investing in Finance Sector in Emerging Companies: Managing Political Risk Factor
- The Recent Geopolitical Shift and Their Effect over Emerging Markets
- Economic Regionalization in Central Asia/Eurasia.