Arber Professional Congress Services

Arber Inc.
Our History
With 8 years experience in the tourism sector, ARBER INC. was officially founded on March 27, 2003.
We know that there are four keys to success are information, resources, development and self-expression. Moreover, we know that while competition is a natural part of life there is grave difference between being a competitor and being a leader. We strive for leadership.
Our Vision and Mission
Our Vision is to be a brand that symbolizes quality, trust and innovation within the event organization industry.
Our Mission is to realize the needs and demands of the MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Congress and Event) industry through the principle quality for value.
We know it's not just about finalization, but about being your trustworthy business partner that affords us our success. In other words, we put your first and your success and contentment is ours. We work to make our mission and vision a reality.
Our Working System
We are confident that our working system will not only meet but exceed every expectation related to the event organization sector. As a result of our significant time and experience in the sector, we have developed an incredible work ethic that affords us success at the highest of levels. Our emphasis on cooperation and communication, provide for an in-depth understanding of significant opportunities and perfection in time management, teamwork and achieving our mutual goals. The fact that our research team is constantly on top of any changes in the market such as marketing potential, competition, and risk analysis allows us to maintain a self reliant working system open to change and renewal and is dynamic and innovative.
At the end of the day, our service principle is to perfectly articulate exactly what it is we can do for you and fulfill that promise with excellence.
Our Line For Success
Experience is where words fail and knowledge and experience begins. We are experienced enough to know that we have a lot of things to learn from you. Teamwork and Cooperation; We are aware that success comes through cooperation. Organization is a strategy game in which personal skills are insufficient and team solidarity is necessary. We provide success by collective labor. Creativity; Our knowledge and your knowledge only facilitates the repetition of our previous achievements; and even that is not guaranteed. We strive for creative success. We work with the understanding that creativity requires so much more than just “know-how”. Financial Risk Management; financial responsibility is not a risk you must take alone. We work by undertaking financial risks as well. Trust; is the sum of words promised to you are faithful customer, regarding responsibility, coherence and transparency. Our motto is “Our Concept of Quality Starts with the Promises We Make”- to us trust is the first step to success.
Our Message to You
We believe that the successful completion of an event is not chance, but in fact requires significant experience and ability. Success is never a coincidence. This opinion is derived from our research and extensive experience of more than 100 event organizations, world-scale conferences and 11 years of hard work. Like many of our business partners, you too make every effort to exhibit our country, culture and the institutions that support. You understand the importance and responsibility a host country and company has in creating a successful event. It is therefore only natural that you would have concerns or uncertainty about fulfilling your expectations for this event as any negative situation can have serious consequences for not only our company or institution but also our country as a whole. However, by taking into consideration your expectations and concerns, we work to ensure that your goals and event are successfully actualized and are within the parameters of our mission encompassing the heart and soul of our company. In addition, under international standards, we provide you with the opportunity to monitor and execute your event processes using interactive systems whenever and wherever. Our extensive past experience coupled with the trust gained from our customers and their belief in us are the perfect indications our ability to conduct successful operations with you. Shortly, our references shed light to our success…

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