About Kongre.net

Kongre.net has been online since 1999. This version 3.0 aims to provide services for scientific events. Kongre.net ( derived from "kongre" in Turkish which means congress) has announced several events in Turkey and now becomes global. Most event web pages are lost in the cyber space and to avoid this data loss we decided to create this site. Not only an archive site but kongre.net also provides a free web service for your events. If you have any upcoming events we are ready to announce the event and even become the ofical web site of your congress, conference or symposium.

Kongre.net basic services are free for all events. We also provide consultancy and PR services for your events or unique statistics about a region or category. We also provide services such as; printing, broadcasting, design and professional mailing.

For your all questions please contact us.

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Kongre.net team